Monday, 2 February 2009

A couple more snowy pics...
The "alien" plant... with a snowy centre!! lol!!

.... and it would seem that "Spud duck" has had a "spud duckling"
.. and they ventured out into the cold!!
Hope you're keeping warm, and cosy! Thanks for reading. x D x


... and still it's snowing! Today's piccie was made by hubby putting his face into the snow..... brave.. or mad.. you decide!!! (He did say it was... errr.. refreshing!! lol!!)

I'll post some more snowy pictures in a mo. I'm not feeling so great today... so it's just as well I'm hibernating. The boys' school is closed.... and we're wondering whether Harrison's school trip to the Tower of London on Wednesday will go ahead... shame if it doesn't as he wants to see if the Queen's crown is "as good as his!!" lol!!

Sunday, 1 February 2009


.... and here's my little man after being awarded Player of the Match today!

Since he got home earlier today, we've had snow flurries, on and off, and it's started to settle this evening. I was considering going shopping for clothes for the boys tomorrow, but if it's still like this, I'm gonna carry on hibernating!! lol!.... Going out in the cold... or staying in, and playing with paper?????? Not such a tough decision!!!

Once again, thanks for reading... keep warm! luv D xx


... and this is ME!! (Crikey... would you look at all that grey hair!!) Well apart from a couple of days, I've managed to take a photo every day... and I'm really enjoying it.

Off for some retail therapy with some Lurvlie friends today... fab!


... and as the Grand Finale of the boy's school's Centenary celebrations, they held a fireworks display at a local secondary school.... The display was great, but it wasn't so great getting hit over the head by a child with a glowing light sabre!!! The force was NOT with me, and I was NOT happy!! (Made worse by the child's parents not even apologising, or making the child apologise!!)

... and the picture of the day was taken, by my hubby, of Harrison at school! The school are celebrating their Centenary... and each year are learning about a decade of the school's history. Harrison's class learnt about the 1950's and the Queen's Coronation... They each designed and made their own crowns, and then each child had their own Coronation! They learnt lots about what happened during the ceremony... and what the items that were given to the Queen during the ceremony meant. They all had a thoroughly enjoyable time! Doesn't my little fella look regal!! lol!!