Friday, 8 August 2008

The 8th Day of the 8th Month of the 8th Year!

I'm back again!! We've been without phone or internet for the past couple of days... oh boy, have I missed it!!

Our Wedding Anniversary was a lovely day... Hubby took me, and the boys to Barleylands Craft Centre, nr Billericay, Essex... I can highly recommend it... then yesterday we took the boys to the Science Museum in London. An exhausting, but fascinating day. The boys took a few hits on the Tube by peoples shoulder bags - it was soooo hot and cramped. There were many people on there in need of "ahem", shall we say deodorising!!! It's true that farmers wouldn't be allowed to transport cattle in such conditions!!!

Monday, 4 August 2008


I've been trying to get my brain around this whole uploading pictures thing... and I'm getting there... I think!! Now I've got to figure out how to get a picture on my profile! lol!!

Thanks again to Sarah for the kick up the bum!! I'll be back!!

Oh, and just to say that Mark and I are celebrating our 13th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow.... give that man a medal!!

Older, and none the wiser!! 4th August 2008

Long time no see - again!! Having been inspired (aka given kick up the bum, by Sarah on UKS) here I am blogging again!! (yes, I know...... hopefully it'll be more regularly than previously!!)

The photo above, shows me, a couple of months ago, having a wonderful time at the County Hall Library in London.... celebrating my 40th Birthday!! My very dear Lurvlie friends Jane and Jules, plotted, with the help of my hubby, to arrange a surprise treat for me. There was much intrigue for weeks as to where I was going.... even to the point that when the day arrived Mark got ready as if he was taking me out, when in fact Jules and Jane were!! Once I got over being "struck dumb" I had the most wonderful day eating gorgeous sandwiches and cake, and drinking tea and champagne!!