Monday, 4 August 2008

Older, and none the wiser!! 4th August 2008

Long time no see - again!! Having been inspired (aka given kick up the bum, by Sarah on UKS) here I am blogging again!! (yes, I know...... hopefully it'll be more regularly than previously!!)

The photo above, shows me, a couple of months ago, having a wonderful time at the County Hall Library in London.... celebrating my 40th Birthday!! My very dear Lurvlie friends Jane and Jules, plotted, with the help of my hubby, to arrange a surprise treat for me. There was much intrigue for weeks as to where I was going.... even to the point that when the day arrived Mark got ready as if he was taking me out, when in fact Jules and Jane were!! Once I got over being "struck dumb" I had the most wonderful day eating gorgeous sandwiches and cake, and drinking tea and champagne!!


Sarah said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Denny your bag blogging!! You go girl and a fab pic of you BTW - those cakes look yummy!!!!!!:o)

Eralc said...

nice to see you blogging again