Sunday, 18 January 2009

DAY EIGHTEEN... Well I'm pleased to say that I feel a lot better today. I've had another quiet day at home, so I'm ready for my day at work tomorrow.
Once again, having not felt like braving the elements to take photos outside, I've taken another indoor shot ... I had to have a bit of a think about my subject today. So...I started taking photos of everyday things from strange angles! lol!! (I'm not exactly technically minded, when it comes to photography - you may have noticed!! ) I rather like the effect of the movement underneath the clock-face, within the glass domed case, so this is my piccie of the day!
I'm not sure if we're heading for a power-cut tonight, but the lights keep flickering. I do hope not, 'cos I need my wireless headphones to keep me sane, whilst hubby "watches" the footie - by osmosis through his eyelids of course!! lol!! Mind you he's been doing his footie manager "thing" with his team this morning, and he's come home, done all the washing and ironing... and cooked a lovely roast dinner. So he deserves some zzzzzz's!!


Julesmichelle said...

Ooh I like this picture. Love quirky angles..well done xx

{ Emma } said...

Beautiful photo.