Friday, 23 January 2009


... and I'm glad we've got this today!! It's become very chilly this evening!!

After my sleep this morning (after my night shift) I went to the library this afternoon, to collect the new Catherine Alliot book!! Being the first to read a library book is quite a treat!! lol!! I must finish "The Memory Garden" by Rachel Hore first. Yesterday I finished reading "The Dream House" also by Rachel Hore, and I can highly recommend it... a really lovely story. For all my hopes of getting creative today, I'm afraid the inspiration and energy fairies have left me!! It's been nice to relax after working a few nights though. Whilst relaxing, I've also been doing a bit of detective work, as I'm trying to remember, and record, the books that I loved as a child.... it's brought back some wonderful memories! I read an awful lot as a child, and my Mum was forever taking me to the library or a bookshop to keep me occupied!! lol!!

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{ Emma } said...

Great shot, makes me feel warm just looking at and looks just like my fire!