Wednesday, 14 January 2009

DAY FOURTEEN... Woke up today with very achy legs, so decided to have a lovely bubbly bath... and ooh, it was lovely!! :-) Plus it gave me an idea for my photo of the day... phew!! lol!! I must get out and about for some more interesting pictures.... here's to the better weather!!
Speaking of the weather, It was sooo foggy this morning, and I'm hoping that it's not the same again for my shift tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed scrapping yesterday evening, and it was good to play with paper, and relax. Over the next few days, I'll get busy with the technology (ha ha) and get some piccies of my recent pages and cards that I've made on here too.
Now, I'm off to eat, then I'll be getting ready for my shift tonight. Once again, thanks for reading.. hopefully I'll see you tomorrow. D x

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Sarah said...

Bubble baths are just the best - hope the aches ease soon hun xxxx