Friday, 16 January 2009

DAY FIFTEEN... I'm really not feeling so well, so just took the opportunity to grab a photo of Mabel curling up on my lap. There I was in my pj's and dressing gown... and luckily my camera was within reach!!

I've got to get my photo for today yet.... I'm determined to keep up.... but I think they'll be a few more indoor shots for a few days.

My balance is a bit "off" at the moment, and last night I stood up, and did a rather spectacular pirouette fall onto the settee, so I've had my orders from my lovely hubby to do very little today! Whether I am heading for a relapse, or not... I'm going to be good, and rest - I promise!

(I also promise to "keep my chin up... and not let it get me down!! )

Hopefully I'll be back later today, with today's photo... thanks for reading. D x

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