Saturday, 3 January 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well, yes, I know... it's been a while again. The last couple of months of 2008 were a little "challenging" to say the least. I won't dwell on it, but suffice to say, surviving someone driving into the side of my car, (pushing it into a brick wall) and them driving off, leaving me, thankfully, only bruised and battered, and my car written-off took a little "coming back from!!"

Anyway.... on to better days and better things. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I've decided to give a UK Scrappers Challenge a go.... to take a photo a day - for a year!! Whether I manage to keep up, remains to be seen, but I intend to have some fun with it... and it's great that it's encouraging me to play with my lovely camera lots more.

So, Here's DAY ONE...This is of our lovely Mabel, who this year (which the boys are very excited by) will become a teenager this year!! lol

DAY TWO...These are just one pair of lovely warm fluffy PINK socks that my hubby bought me for Christmas... LOVE 'EM!!

DAY THREE... This was the view out of the ops room window at about 5.40 (ish) on the morning of the 3rd Jan.... I braved the cold to "hang out of the window" and took this on the night landscape setting.

So there's the story so far.... I'm pleased that I've blogged them, but I won't be too pleased when my alarm goes off this morning!!! I should be off to bed, as I'm working a 12hr shift today!! Oh lovely!!


Bubbleblitt said...

Hi Denny-Happy new year and well done for getting back to blogging! Your photos are fab-good luck with your project.I'm trying to do the same thing but not expected to take a photo a day but one a week will be good, Beverley x

Julesmichelle said...

Wow Denny - you have been busy. I am going for just several a week as I know I will not manage daily. Not usre if I am going to publish them all though due to time constraints.

Love the pink socks!

Sam said...

Yay - well done on the blogging and photo taking Denny. :)
I love those fluffy socks, I have several pairs myself.
Keep up the good work. xxx

Sarah said...

Happy New Year Hun!!! Fab Pics, Fab socks and well done on updating your blog!!! Love Sarah xx

MicheleP said...

Happy New Year Denny. Lovely photo's - just lurve Mabel. Keep blogging:) Love Mxx

{ Emma } said...

So glad to see you're playing along. Great photos so far, particularly love the one you took at work. Think there's a lot of potential for many many pictures where you work!