Sunday, 11 January 2009

DAY ELEVEN... and slightly lacking inspiration today.... my excuse is that I worked nights last night, and I'm working again tonight!

My Mum bought me some lovely Tulips the other day, and one of them has decided it hasn't got the strength to keep it's head up anymore!! So, I tried to take, what I think is called a "Bokeh" shot, whereby the background is all blurred... I think it worked quite well... Although I know I'm only using the auto settings on my DSLR so far, I would like to experiment a little. Hopefully I'll be a lot braver by the end of the year!! lol!!

Thanks for reading! x


{ Emma } said...

Most definately a bokeh shot, also known as shallow depth of field. It's a great shot of the tulip.

Julesmichelle said...

Well done Denny. As Emma says you have got the effect you intended (Bokeh...though I tend to use the term shallow depth of field as not many people understand the term Bokeh).

The tulips are a great colour - very dramatic.